What Do You Think About Weather Modification?

11 May 2017 (Big Day)

My house? All the usual chaos associated with move right now – it can be…..fractious (to borrow Poppy’s apt term).

Given this backdrop I am going to post a quick thought on some emergent technologies.

The topic is “Weather Medication” ,,, as in man’s purposeful and methodical attempt(s) to alter the natural weather patterns to varying degrees.

Sounds like Asimov or surely Silverberg, right?

Here are some quick facts and links


The US , China and I THINK Russia have all experimented with weather modification of various types — footnote 1

The US has a government office to oversee weather modification as well – you can see the Senate Bill that was also active (linked below).

So –

I wonder why our tinkering with the atmosphere and our attempts to influence the weather are never brought up as a potential variable in the calculations for the ‘climate change’ theories…

And this —

If we have learned how to influence and alter the weather — how long do you think it would take before somebody . somewhere — WANTS TO WEAPONIZE IT


…after all, it you can make it rain – why not try to make a storm?

The more I think about the topic, the more I think it’s probably not as amazing of  development than splitting the atom.

To be continued…..


Some information on Weather Medication in the U.S.A

Weather modification association:
Weather Mod Assoc.

Weather modification & the National Science Foundation:
W/M & The National Science Foundation


WEA_GovtTrack Heading
Did You Know We Had One Of Those?

So here’s the actual Senate Bill to establish governmental oversight / etc with weather modification efforts — this goes back (officially) to 2005:

U.S. Senate Bill That Established W/M Oversight etc.



Wea_We MOdify

footnote 1 – Will obtain more data on extent involved and details on technology if possible,


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